Steunende bedrijven en personen

Met dank aan alle bedrijven, organisaties en personen die ons en ons project steunen.  Je vind ze hieronder alfabetisch vermeld in hun eigen moedertaal:

Company : 't Buskruid

Motivatie : Als herborist ben ik bezorgd over ons leefmilieu en de biodiversiteit.  Het is nu de moment om het roer om te gooien en een verandering door te drukken voor onze kinderen.  We moeten ze tonen hoe belangrijk de honingbij en haar rol in de natuur is.

Company : Progress Academy

We believe in sustainable actions

The more time you spend with bees, the more you get drawn into their amazing world: the way they organize themselves and what they're responsible for.

Bees and humans have a mutual relationship.  As bees forage for nectar and pollen, they pollinate our plants and so give us food and beautiful landscapes.  It is estimated that 78 % of flowering plants rely on bees and other insects in order to reproduce.  But bees are under pressure due to habitat loss and pesticide use.  We rely on honey bees for one-third of our food supply, so when honey bees are in danger; we are all in danger.

That is why we have taken our responsibility with a sustainable action to ourselves, to our neighbors, our community, and, most of all to the bees, by supporting a bee colony.

Progress Academy